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Copy Trader is simple yet powerful ethereum Dapp
Designed to connect crypto experts with new traders.

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About the Copy Trader Dapp

What is the Copy Trader?

Copy trader is Decentralized app deployed on ethereum blockchain and act as a marketplace between expert traders (who want to monetize their skills) and newbie traders (who want to trade successfully without any experience and skills ). Copy Trader connects them in transparent and decentralized fashion easily.

How Copy Trade Works?

Copy trade is an automated trade engine via crypto exchanges api key feature.Copy Trader uses different crypto exchange api key to automatically copy trades of expert crypto traders . Traders have to pay fixed or monthly fee set by expert traders to copy their trades

How Follow Trades Works?

Follow Trade works without entering api keys .Traders can follow by paying a fixed or monthly fee set by expert trader and monitor their portfolio and get alerts by telegram integration whenever an expert trader broadcast new signals or make a new trade in any of the exchanges.

Is it safe?

Absolutely, we do not store any api key. We use blockchain hashing algorithm so nobody knows other trader api keys . plus it's deployed in ethereum blockchain so it's safe and secure. Every user will be advised to disable withdraw via api key option in their exchange accounts.

What is Copy Tokens?

Every feature in the Copy Trader Dapp that gives any financial value to its users will require them to pay a fee.Copy Trader will launch a ethereum based erc20 token named copy token which will be used to pay all fees on the Dapp. This creates a direct correlation between the success of the Dapp and the value of the token. The more people who use the Dapp, the more fees will be paid, the more tokens will be bought--ultimately pushing the price of the token up.

How can I purchase Copy tokens?

Copy Tokens can be purchased with metamask wallet when the copy trader presale and public token sale starts . Your metamask wallet will be used as your account (unique identifier) in copy trader dapp. Copy Token Presale is live so we highly recommend to get in our presale to get copy tokens at cheapest possible price. Join Crowdsale


October 8, 2017

Copy Trader token (COPY) Pre-sale

copy traders tokens offered at a discounted price Join Crowdsale

OCTOBER22, 2017

Copy Tokens Launch / Public Sale

Copy Token offered publically at a normal price Join Crowdsale

November 15, 2017

Copy Trader Dapp Launch

copy trader Dapp Deployed on Ethereum blockchain and public source code will appear on our github. there will be no alpha and beta launch becuase we arleady tested it by deploying on ropsten test ethereum network

NOVEMBER 17, 2017

Erc20 Based ICO Copy

Support for Erc20 based ICO will be added. Traders will be able to copy Any Erc20 supported ico from successful expert invester

December 2, 2017

Copy Trader ios and Android app launch

copy traders Android and ios app will be launched. This app will be launched with clean UI and act as user dashboard to moniter and check real time trades and updates.

Q1, 2018

3rd Party integration

The copy trader architecture is built around a smart contract system which promotes transparency and extensibility.3rd party tools can be integrated via smart contracts with Copy Trader To Optimize the Performance .

Copy Token Distribution

Oct 8 — Oct 22

Public Pre-Sale
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Oct 22th — Nov 15th

Public Token Sale
20,000,000 COPY
Public Token sale
40,000,000 COPY
Copy Trader Dapp
80,000,000 COPY
30,000,000 COPY
Advisors and Partners
20,000,000 COPY
10,000,000 COPY

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Copy Trader ?

Copy Trader is unhackable, non-fancy, most practical yet simplest ethereum dapp designed to connect traders with expert crypto traders . Copy their trades , follow their trades, get signals and monitor their portfolios.

What problems does the Copy trader aim to solve?

Many blockchain investors, and certainly new users, will find it difficult to navigate the complexity of the blockchain space, understand what assets to hold, when to buy, when to sell.This steep learning curve creates a real barrier of entry for many people interested in investing in the blockchain space. Some crypto investors became leaders in discovering and assessing new investment opportunities. With Copy Traders Dapp, experienced investors can monetize their knowledge and expertise by sharing their portfolio performance with other users. Expert investors can earn fees band gain influence by accumulating followers on the network(more followers more profit). New traders can make successful trades without any research and work just by following expert traders

Which exchanges are supported?

All major crypto exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken,, Bitstamp, Poloniex, Bittrex and all other cryptoexchanges are supported with api keys

how Telegram Integration Works?

Copy Trader use telegram api to connect user telegram account with copy traders. If you follow any expert trader you will receive updates, signals and new trade notification in your telegram account . only subscribed users can receive these updates

What is Copy Trader Token (COPY)?

Copy Trader Token (COPY) is a Ethereum based erc20 token used in copy trader Dapp . All the transaction between users and networks will be handled through copy tokens .

Where i store Copy Token (COPY)?

Every user have to install metmask wallet (a chrome and firefox browser extension). You can save your tokens in your metmask wallet. Your metamask wallet will be your account in copy traders Dapp and will be used to load and unload copy tokens between user and network.install MetaMask.

When Copy Trader Token (COPY) be listed on exchanges?

Copy Trade intends to list COPY on numerous exchanges within 2 weeks of public sale close.

When is the token presale?

The token pre-sale will start on October 8th, 2017 at 12:00PM GMT and will be open for 15 days.

Join Presale

What currencies are accepted?


What advantages are there for participating in the pre-sale?

Copy Trader Token (COPY) will be offered at 50% bonus price of 1000 COPY/ETH (vs. public sale price of 730 COPY/ETH).

How do I participate in the pre-sale?

Instructions on how to participate, will be made available when the pre-sale opens.

What's minimum cap needed to start the project?

We are not looking for unrealistic goal. Our main goal is to keep the project growth alive in the long run and for only need 500 ETH to start the project .

When is the token sale?

The token sale will start on October 22th, 2017 at 12:00PM GMT.

What currencies are accepted?


What will the token price be?

Copy Trader Token (COPY) will be offered at US$ 730 COPY/ETH

How do I participate in the token sale?

Instructions on how to participate in the token sale will be released when the token sale opens.

Can anyone participate in the token sale?

The public sale is not open to residents or citizens of the US or China.

Our limited time token sale ends on November 15, 2017 at 12:00PM GMT
join our Token sale and get copy token at 50% bonus rate.Copy Tokens (COPY) will be offered at 50% bonus price of 1000 COPY/ETH (vs. public sale price of 730 COPY/ETH).

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White Paper

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Our Advisors

Denis Oakley

Development Strategy Advisor
Crypto trade analyist

Andrew J Stephens

Finance Advisor
Professional trader

Linoy Galisko

FinTech Advisor
Blockchain Startup Strategist

Our Team

Sain Fri

Project Lead (Co-founder)

Sain Fri is certified java developer and previously worked in redis labs as Cluster Architect responsible for redis lab cluster technology and to build future architecture, to be used by thousands of SaaS and On-premise customers.

Thu Van Le

Technical Lead (Co-founder)

Van Le has over 2 years' blockchain development experience and he is proficient in C++/C, Python, Java, C#,JavaScript, Solidity.

Alex Rasti

BizDev Lead (Co-founder)

Alex project lead, agile consultant and lead marketing expert, he brings an eternal enthusiasm and limitless curiosity to all that he does.

Adrian Assamorgh

Developer (UX/UI)

Adrian has expertise the art of solidity and decentralized app development. He is a full-stack ethereum developer.

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